27 October 2007

Enough! Stop the pink madness!

"All right, I'm going to rain on this pink parade. I don't get it. And somehow, as a breast cancer survivor, I feel used," Lu An Cahn said. "The pink ribbon marketing is over the top, and I'm not sure what good it's doing. I wondered if I was the only one feeling this way."

No, Lu Ann, you are not the only one feeling this way. I am all about funding research to cure cancer - absolutely! AND I love the color pink - but this has gone too far! There is pink everywhere on everything and you will not convince me that in many - maybe even most cases - it isn't just those marketing sluts using the breast cancer survivors to fluff up their bottom line.

I purposely don't by things with special pink labels. I make donations to people who are doing the three day - something I might have a go at next year - even though I don't have breast cancer or know anyone who does. But soup cans, Sponge Bobs and VACCUUMS???

It is too much already. If you are a company and you really WANT to supposrt breast cancer research, make your donation and shut up about it already! Don't make it contingent upon xyz amount of donations...

Just do it. (oops - apologies to Nike, one company that I actually don't see a pink ribbon edition of anything - bravo!)

25 October 2007

Juicy! Glasses that is!

I JUST picked p my new glasses and I LOVE them! They are Juicy Couture and are exactly what I wanted. In case you can't tell from the pic they are a deep purply-maroon and the inside is pink. The lenses are transitions lenses...

08 October 2007

Awesome... A Fat Rant.

I can fake it - acting like this - but I never truly feel this way. Wish I could learn...

06 October 2007

Yum - Saturday Morning Scones

Every Saturday morning I make scones. Not from scratch - please, none of my British friends scorn me, I am not to be trusted with baking from scratch, but from a mix that I discovered over the summer at the grocery store. The folks at Sticky Fingers Bakeries tell us that scones originated in Scotland ("If it's not Scottish it's crap") and are enjoyed today mostly at high tea (I just love the idea of tea as an occasion and not just a beverage). I always wondered what they were like, so I just grabbed a bag and made some.

Now we have a nice little ritual - Saturday Morning Scones. Have I mentioned how important I feel rituals and traditions are especially to kids? Having something consistant and regular is all part of their safety net. So now scones have become a part of that safety net in our house.

Now I just need to get brave and try some curds. You have to admit - it just doesn't sound all that appetizing... "curds". Not very inspiring. You know? Maybe they need better marketing. Bundle tea, scones and curds together and call it "Breakfast Enjoyment System". You do know that if you bundle three or more items together and throw the word "system" into the name and you can sell damn near anything. But that is a subject for another day...

03 October 2007

Are you KIDDING me???

I have been working at Finders Keepers Moving and Storage (not their real name) for 11 years. More than a decade. I am nearly 41 years old - this is pretty much half of my adult work-life. In 2000 when I had my son, they had the brilliant idea for me to work from home - THEIR idea. Not mine. My boss has always been good to me and I am unable to say no to him, so I agreed.

This sounds like a dream job - I know that. But working from home is lonely - it is not always easy. It takes a lot of discipline - but I have done it. And for the most part it has worked out rather well. SO imagine MY surprise when I received a call from my boss basically telling me that I had to go in to the local office to work or I no longer had a job.

Woah. BIG red flag, wouldn't ya say? Anyway - I asked when they wanted me to start going in - he said he didn't know. I asked what happens in the summer when we are so busy and my son is not in school. He said he didn't know.

Talk about a violent shove out of my comfort zone... I have decided to take this as a wake up call and to start looking for something that may suit me better. It is a hard thing to do - throw myself out there into the job market again. Lots of rejection, something I have never taken very well. I would say ideally my job would be at a school... when I think about that I imagine enjoying summer. I imagine going to the beach with my son for the day. I imagine planting things and actually having time to water them and care for them - time to pull weeds and ensure my flower beds don't look like some scary overgrown forest... I imagine having time to visit with friends, having our kids play together - things that normal people do in the summer. The kinds of things movers never entertain, not even for a moment lest out hearts break.

But it is a looong way from here to there... I sent out my first resume yesterday afternoon... Wish me luck!