21 October 2008

What is the sniglet for this??

You guys remember sniglets? Lactomangulation... Bevemeter... well - we need a sniglet to name the phenomenon where one looks in the mirror before a special occasion and thinks they look all sorts of fine only to discover when inspecting photos of the event that in fact one looked fat, ridiculous or - perhaps worst of all - both. What can we call that distorted perspective?? Has this happened to you at all?

On a tangently-related note... here is a quiz... Your loved on asks you if you are as fat as someone else at a given event. Is the correct answer: 1) Oh no dear! Not even close! 2) I can't tell, she is wearing a coat.

Yeah - that's what I thought.

11 October 2008

FIlling the shoes of a gym teacher.

Yesterday, I was a gym teacher. Those of you who know me know that I generally have about as much regard for a gym teacher as I do a cock-roach. Okay. Maybe a little more. Just a teensy bit. Couple that with the fact that I am perhaps the most woefully uncoordinated person on the planet and I simply could not control my laughter when the sub callers asked me to accept this assignment. They practically begged me. Since my number one fear is disappointing people - I agreed to give it a try...

I will tell you this - it IS hard work - a different kind of hard and not as hard as a regular day. I hardly had to write anything on my sub report (which usually fills two pages). I got to play all day - which was pretty cool. I DID have to do a lot of yelling, just so students would be able to hear me. The desk was an absolute train-wreck and there were smelly sneakers on the floor and dirty socks on what I THINK was supposed to be a bookshelf - but I am learning that everyone has a different organizational style than I do.

All in all, it was okay. Not really my speed. Not my style. In a pinch, I would of course, do it again - but I won't be asking for that assignment anytime soon THAT's for sure!

06 October 2008

Someone needs to explain this to me...

I had a 4:50 appointment for a Chiropractic adjustment. I arrived on time. I signed in. I sat. And waited. And waited. At 5:15 she took me back. To a second waiting room. Uhm hello. NO. Let me rephrase... HELL NO. I am so not sitting and waiting who-knows-how-long because the doctor had a new patient.

Excuse me??? That is all very well and good for YOU - but this long-time faithful loyal comes-every-two-weeks-patient needs her scheduled adjustment. Is it too much to ask that you take me within ten minutes of my scheduled appointment? Tell the NEW patient that you are BOOKED today and will have to see him or her tomorrow. Or the next day? Or at the bare minimum CALL your loyal patient to let her know that you are WAY off schedule and offer a re-schedule??? Is that too much to ask?!??!

I am livid. (Could you tell?? LOL) What is the deal with doctors? Why do they do this and WHY do they think it is okay?

I walked out BTW. I told them I can not sit around and wait - that I have another engagement - which I do. William has karate this evening. I said I would call to reschedule. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. Maybe I will try another chiropractor.

01 October 2008

Was this a Catholic School thing...

Or just a "HEY! You're old" thing...

I remember being in grade school. When we would encounter an adult in the hallway the whole line would announce in complete choral voice "Good Morning Sister Marie" or whatever the teacher's name was. In the classroom, if an adult entered the room everyone was completely silent, stood up and the same magical thing happened... "Good Morning, Father Cramer". And then Father Cramer would say "Good Morning, class - please sit down."

Did this happen only in catholic schools? Does it still happen? If so - is the possible reason that we didn't have a lot of people wandering around? Also - I was remembering that I don't have a lot of experience with substitute teachers - if we had a sick teacher, another sister would come and take care of the class for that day.

Back to my question... this idea of addressing adults in this way... was/is this solely a catholic school thing or is it a hey - that was more than 30 years ago thing...