11 October 2008

FIlling the shoes of a gym teacher.

Yesterday, I was a gym teacher. Those of you who know me know that I generally have about as much regard for a gym teacher as I do a cock-roach. Okay. Maybe a little more. Just a teensy bit. Couple that with the fact that I am perhaps the most woefully uncoordinated person on the planet and I simply could not control my laughter when the sub callers asked me to accept this assignment. They practically begged me. Since my number one fear is disappointing people - I agreed to give it a try...

I will tell you this - it IS hard work - a different kind of hard and not as hard as a regular day. I hardly had to write anything on my sub report (which usually fills two pages). I got to play all day - which was pretty cool. I DID have to do a lot of yelling, just so students would be able to hear me. The desk was an absolute train-wreck and there were smelly sneakers on the floor and dirty socks on what I THINK was supposed to be a bookshelf - but I am learning that everyone has a different organizational style than I do.

All in all, it was okay. Not really my speed. Not my style. In a pinch, I would of course, do it again - but I won't be asking for that assignment anytime soon THAT's for sure!


Marvin the Martian said...

Now THAT is cool. You got to wear The Whistle! The Whistle of Power. I hope your throat is not too sore from yelling.

Do they let you throw dodgeballs at the kids? That would be MY favorite part. Ever see the cartoon series "Home Movies"? The gym teacher on that one is a scream.

Daisy said...

Ah yes - the whistle... I actually have my very own whistle. ACTUALLY - I inherited it during the Summer of 1984... I went out with a lifeguard that summer. At the end f the summer when he went back to college and pretty much dumped me - he bequeathed to me The whistle. This is a whistle of exceptional quality - The Acme Thunderer - Made in England in fact. Using this whistle is indeed like unleashing the fury of hell - especially in a gymnasium... TONS of echo. BRUTAL!

My throat is fine - I actually have a naturally loud voice, so it wasn't as hard for me as it would be for my more soft-spoken counterparts.

Frog said...

Coolness!! I used to have a Thunderer :D

(FYI you're other half has been wished a Happy Birthday)

Marvin the Martian said...

Ha - sometimes the best part of having an "ex" is the stuff of theirs that you kept. ;-)

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