06 October 2008

Someone needs to explain this to me...

I had a 4:50 appointment for a Chiropractic adjustment. I arrived on time. I signed in. I sat. And waited. And waited. At 5:15 she took me back. To a second waiting room. Uhm hello. NO. Let me rephrase... HELL NO. I am so not sitting and waiting who-knows-how-long because the doctor had a new patient.

Excuse me??? That is all very well and good for YOU - but this long-time faithful loyal comes-every-two-weeks-patient needs her scheduled adjustment. Is it too much to ask that you take me within ten minutes of my scheduled appointment? Tell the NEW patient that you are BOOKED today and will have to see him or her tomorrow. Or the next day? Or at the bare minimum CALL your loyal patient to let her know that you are WAY off schedule and offer a re-schedule??? Is that too much to ask?!??!

I am livid. (Could you tell?? LOL) What is the deal with doctors? Why do they do this and WHY do they think it is okay?

I walked out BTW. I told them I can not sit around and wait - that I have another engagement - which I do. William has karate this evening. I said I would call to reschedule. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. Maybe I will try another chiropractor.


Frog said...

It's very common depending on the area - I've sat with a 4 year old in a Pediatric clinic (NY) for 2 hours... they did the double-wait trick with me also. I find that befriending the busiest person and asking polite questions gets me in a little quicker, or at least tells me if they're running late. Melissa is particularly helpful, and even knows my (very polite) voice when I call for an appointment - I had to take Will in just last week (bee sting) and she squeezed me in ahead of everyone else :) ... mind you that was probably why you had to wait longer for your appointment!!

Daisy said...

A child's bee sting is something that I can understand. This is a chiropractor's office. They took a new patient and offered him or her preferential treatment over a regular, loyal patient. The message to me is that I am not valued. That it is more important to get new people in the door and less important to value my time. And it pisses me off.

Tosha said...

Hi, I wandered over here from the MNTK site you left a comment on. My husband picked a family practice for the whole family to see and every single time I go in there we have to wait 2 or more hours! It's not just us either, everyone complains about the wait time very loudly.

The doctor is good, but I think his eyes are bigger than his stomach. He schedules way too many patience for one day. Every time I leave the office I say I am finding a new doctor to myself and then I forget until the next time when I am waiting for 2 + hours with a 5 year old and 9 month old.

I guess I forget so easily because he truly is a great doctor. He is the only one we have found that doesn't talk over you when you are discussing concerns and he really tries hard to make sure he addresses every one of them.

Marvin the Martian said...

I agree. Your chiro is saying he doesn't want you as a patient. There are plenty more out there. Plenty of quacks, too, unfortunately. I feel better since I STOPPED going to my chiro. My neck hurt a lot because he kept yanking on it. Now it's better, though it still hurts more than when I started my treatments.

iFred said...

My daughter-in-law sends doctors an invoice for her time and then goes elsewhere. It hasn't helped much, but it makes her feel better anyway.