31 December 2007

Please - Support this Show...

We need this show so very badly - I want it to be wildly successful! Please watch it - tell your friends, your loved ones... I think it is an important show with an important mission.

Here is a summary from Lifetime's Web site:

Did you know that four out of five American women today say they are dissatisfied with their bodies? To help change their perception, Lifetime Television has crossed the Atlantic and brought Britain’s hit reality series “How to Look Good Naked” to the States. Hosted by Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"), the show teaches women of all shapes and sizes how to go from self-loathing to self-loving without resorting to interventions like extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery.

Thank you!

28 December 2007

Go Speed Racer, Go!

William takes us for a spin on his new Dirt Quad and tells us how he feels about it... meanwhile, Mommy gets to play with her new digital camcorder and iMovie 08.


Surprise! I am solidly Left-Liberal

Who here is shocked?!? LOL - not I! My top three matches:

Dennis Kucinich
Chris Dodd
Hillary Clinton.

I match Mike Huckabee 0%.

Time to own it. I am a Democrat. Can't call myself "Independent" anymore.

I think I can live with that.

27 December 2007

Okay - this tiger thing...

And it may be too early in the game to rant about this, but I have to just get this out.

First of all - I will say that when this same tiger attacked a zoo-keeper last year, the zoo probably should have removed the animal from the zoo - perhaps taking her to a sanctuary where she could just roam. I don't know - but keeping her in the zoo seems to have set her up for failure. It was not good.

That said - these so-called victims were asshole kids. It seems they were taunting her - possibly even hanging body parts over the moat. Were they sleeping through the episode of Go Diego Go where they talk about how dangerous these animals are? How physically skilled they are at capturing their prey - how they can go from absolute inaction to a complete attack in seconds - with no warning?? Idiots.

You know - I heard this interview with the parents who were saying the last time they saw their son was Christmas Eve - he went "out" with friends... now in my mind that is so far from okay it isn't even funny. Christmas is a family holiday. New Years is for friends... On Christmas you should be with your family. So - the kid isn't even HOME all day on Christmas and now his parents are whining that they have no more Christmas?!? IS THAT LIKE A JOKE?? Some lawyer is already feeding this bullshit into their little pea-brains. I am just SICK that the zoo is going to be sued over this - the fact that they may have to give these people money irks me beyond belief.

This is just good old fashioned survival of the fittest at work. We should leave nature's masterpiece alone. Don't reward people for raising morons. How you get to be 17 years old without knowing it is incredibly stupid to stick your leg in where the tigers live is beyond me - but your parents don't deserve any money for your stupidity.

And that's how it looks from my chair.

25 December 2007

Christmas Dandelion

Today I took the garbage out because we have no idea when they will come for it. While dragging the wheeled cans across the lawn I saw a dandelion. A small yellow dandelion. I picked it and stood in the middle of my front lawn staring at it for what seemed like an hour - trying to decide the significance of my treasure.

In the end I have decided that the message is that even things that seem completely unlikely are possible. That against all odds something that should not be can, in fact, exist and even flourish. I am not superstitious. I am not even religious - but I am spiritual and I believe that the dandelion is a sign that better days are ahead and that even though I may occasionally feel like a fish out of water - completely out of my element - that I am indeed headed in the right direction.

Happy Dandelion Day, my dear friends.

09 December 2007

Damn! I don't want to do THAT again!

I have been sick. Strep throat - ear... the whole shebang. It has been a huge pain in the ass - but I am on the mend. Right now I am focused on my career change. Biding my time until I "retire" from the moving and storage industry - 177 days. I get to enjoy my summer! And then I get to substitute teach! I am so excited.

More immediately though I am getting ready for Christmas -decorating, baking - mom stuff. I am happy and content. More so than I have been in a VERY long time. We will have a lean Christmas this year and I am actually happy about that. Sometimes I think we get too wrapped up in "stuff". Honestly - it is silly for me to buy dh anything. He can buy whatever he wants - but I bought him something anyway - something he has been eyeballing for some time now. I told him I don't want anything - but I do need a lot of dental work in 2008 - so I guess you could say that all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. LOL...

Happy Almost Christmas friends!!!