09 December 2007

Damn! I don't want to do THAT again!

I have been sick. Strep throat - ear... the whole shebang. It has been a huge pain in the ass - but I am on the mend. Right now I am focused on my career change. Biding my time until I "retire" from the moving and storage industry - 177 days. I get to enjoy my summer! And then I get to substitute teach! I am so excited.

More immediately though I am getting ready for Christmas -decorating, baking - mom stuff. I am happy and content. More so than I have been in a VERY long time. We will have a lean Christmas this year and I am actually happy about that. Sometimes I think we get too wrapped up in "stuff". Honestly - it is silly for me to buy dh anything. He can buy whatever he wants - but I bought him something anyway - something he has been eyeballing for some time now. I told him I don't want anything - but I do need a lot of dental work in 2008 - so I guess you could say that all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. LOL...

Happy Almost Christmas friends!!!


Frog said...

LOL!! Glad to hear you're Christmas spirit is high :)

This'll probably be my last chance to get on here in a while, so just in case - have a great Chrimbo, and I'll tty in the new year... we're going lean as well!!

iFred said...

I hear you on the dental expenses, Daisy. You know what I went through for two years to get my "winning smile" back.

This year's Christmas money is going down the toilet. Really! We are having two of our 3 bathrooms completely torn out and rebuilt. Carpenters, plumbers and the tile man are all over the house making all sorts of noise, dust and debris. It's a real mess! There was 2 inches of concrete below the original tile and all of that has been busted out, only to find that one of the support beams needs replacing. He is tearing that out right now and the bath is right above my studio. Hope he doesn't fall through and land on me and my Mac!

I did pick up one gift for my wife. however. The first 4 seasons of the Gilmore Girls. That's her favorite show and she has missed a good bit of it each season. I know she will like the DVDs so she can catch up.