27 December 2007

Okay - this tiger thing...

And it may be too early in the game to rant about this, but I have to just get this out.

First of all - I will say that when this same tiger attacked a zoo-keeper last year, the zoo probably should have removed the animal from the zoo - perhaps taking her to a sanctuary where she could just roam. I don't know - but keeping her in the zoo seems to have set her up for failure. It was not good.

That said - these so-called victims were asshole kids. It seems they were taunting her - possibly even hanging body parts over the moat. Were they sleeping through the episode of Go Diego Go where they talk about how dangerous these animals are? How physically skilled they are at capturing their prey - how they can go from absolute inaction to a complete attack in seconds - with no warning?? Idiots.

You know - I heard this interview with the parents who were saying the last time they saw their son was Christmas Eve - he went "out" with friends... now in my mind that is so far from okay it isn't even funny. Christmas is a family holiday. New Years is for friends... On Christmas you should be with your family. So - the kid isn't even HOME all day on Christmas and now his parents are whining that they have no more Christmas?!? IS THAT LIKE A JOKE?? Some lawyer is already feeding this bullshit into their little pea-brains. I am just SICK that the zoo is going to be sued over this - the fact that they may have to give these people money irks me beyond belief.

This is just good old fashioned survival of the fittest at work. We should leave nature's masterpiece alone. Don't reward people for raising morons. How you get to be 17 years old without knowing it is incredibly stupid to stick your leg in where the tigers live is beyond me - but your parents don't deserve any money for your stupidity.

And that's how it looks from my chair.


Mariam said...

Hey daisybug,
first of all you can read my answer to ur comment which I thank u for a lot on my blog.
As for the tiger incident, it's the first time for me to know that the same tiger attacked a guard last year, it's very stupid from the Zoo and the city council to leave such thing unsolved..
As for the open area itself where they keep these wild animals free and then say that the height of the concrete fence is extremely high that no way a tiger could jump!!! that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard.. so how come the tiger jumped then if they have calculated evrything right from the start...
But as for your opinion towards the 17 year old that is extremely stupid that his parents don't need to be given money from the zoo for his stupidity.. I tell you this... I beleive that even if he was stupid.. there had got to be some monitoring and good gurding in that area and as a 17 year old, he's a still a daring immature teenager who takes risks like everyone at his age and don't think of the consequences.
So blame the zoo Admin and blame those who make put wild animals into captivity and then leave them to kill people that way, even if they were teased by people.. we'll never expect what will they do.. right?
At last my deep consolation to those who die due to governmental ignornace.

DaisyBug said...

Mariam - I can appreciate your perspective. I guess my problem is that we make a lot of excuses for stupid people. Look - at 17 that boy was almost a legal adult, able to vote, make life decisions without parental consent - immaturity and impulse control issues are not a luxury someone galavanting around the city on his own should have. I can tell you my seven year old son knows that it is downright stupid to taunt animals. Any animals. I worked hard to instill a healthy respect for nature in him. I like to think that this will serve him well later.

I can't blame the zoo for this. The thinking at this point is that the boys were climbing over the fence (I have read something about footprints not being where they should have been) and that the tiger used them to scale the wall. I am sorry - but if you don't want to blame the teenagers themselves - blame the parents. Personally - I think by the time you are 17, you get to own that kind of stupidity all on your own. I don't want to excuse them and wag the finger of blame at the zoo.