25 December 2007

Christmas Dandelion

Today I took the garbage out because we have no idea when they will come for it. While dragging the wheeled cans across the lawn I saw a dandelion. A small yellow dandelion. I picked it and stood in the middle of my front lawn staring at it for what seemed like an hour - trying to decide the significance of my treasure.

In the end I have decided that the message is that even things that seem completely unlikely are possible. That against all odds something that should not be can, in fact, exist and even flourish. I am not superstitious. I am not even religious - but I am spiritual and I believe that the dandelion is a sign that better days are ahead and that even though I may occasionally feel like a fish out of water - completely out of my element - that I am indeed headed in the right direction.

Happy Dandelion Day, my dear friends.

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Sugee Andersyn said...

I like to find the meaning of things also :)