06 October 2007

Yum - Saturday Morning Scones

Every Saturday morning I make scones. Not from scratch - please, none of my British friends scorn me, I am not to be trusted with baking from scratch, but from a mix that I discovered over the summer at the grocery store. The folks at Sticky Fingers Bakeries tell us that scones originated in Scotland ("If it's not Scottish it's crap") and are enjoyed today mostly at high tea (I just love the idea of tea as an occasion and not just a beverage). I always wondered what they were like, so I just grabbed a bag and made some.

Now we have a nice little ritual - Saturday Morning Scones. Have I mentioned how important I feel rituals and traditions are especially to kids? Having something consistant and regular is all part of their safety net. So now scones have become a part of that safety net in our house.

Now I just need to get brave and try some curds. You have to admit - it just doesn't sound all that appetizing... "curds". Not very inspiring. You know? Maybe they need better marketing. Bundle tea, scones and curds together and call it "Breakfast Enjoyment System". You do know that if you bundle three or more items together and throw the word "system" into the name and you can sell damn near anything. But that is a subject for another day...


Jason said...

You need clotted cream and strawberry jam with those scones - oh and lots of hot tea (with cow juice). I myself am partial to some crumpet from time to time as well... as for curds, no whey!!!!

DaisyBug said...

Clotted Cream - I mean seriously - who comes up with these names?? Clotted cream just doesn't sound appetizing. Where does one get such a thing? Any idea? And what is the texture like? I am partial toward orange marmalade - anything wrong with eating that with scones. Frog?

Jason said...

MMMMMMmarmalade on hot toast with butter :P

Clotted cream is a very thick rich cream - doesn't go well with Marmalade tho :(