03 October 2007

Are you KIDDING me???

I have been working at Finders Keepers Moving and Storage (not their real name) for 11 years. More than a decade. I am nearly 41 years old - this is pretty much half of my adult work-life. In 2000 when I had my son, they had the brilliant idea for me to work from home - THEIR idea. Not mine. My boss has always been good to me and I am unable to say no to him, so I agreed.

This sounds like a dream job - I know that. But working from home is lonely - it is not always easy. It takes a lot of discipline - but I have done it. And for the most part it has worked out rather well. SO imagine MY surprise when I received a call from my boss basically telling me that I had to go in to the local office to work or I no longer had a job.

Woah. BIG red flag, wouldn't ya say? Anyway - I asked when they wanted me to start going in - he said he didn't know. I asked what happens in the summer when we are so busy and my son is not in school. He said he didn't know.

Talk about a violent shove out of my comfort zone... I have decided to take this as a wake up call and to start looking for something that may suit me better. It is a hard thing to do - throw myself out there into the job market again. Lots of rejection, something I have never taken very well. I would say ideally my job would be at a school... when I think about that I imagine enjoying summer. I imagine going to the beach with my son for the day. I imagine planting things and actually having time to water them and care for them - time to pull weeds and ensure my flower beds don't look like some scary overgrown forest... I imagine having time to visit with friends, having our kids play together - things that normal people do in the summer. The kinds of things movers never entertain, not even for a moment lest out hearts break.

But it is a looong way from here to there... I sent out my first resume yesterday afternoon... Wish me luck!


Jason said...

Best of luck my dear. It's never easy and always scary, but you're a brave little firehorse :)

Shana said...

Good Luck. I hope you find something that gives more free time because I for one, miss ya!