20 September 2008

Next time you want to complain about teachers...

Okay folks - the very next time you want to complain about teachers and that they "only" work 10 months out of the year I challenge you to spend a few weeks filling their shoes - or trying to. These men and women are saddled with the HUGE responsibility of educating our FUTURE. That's big. Really big.

The last two weeks I have been teaching every day. Our district mandates a lot of planning days and meetings etc several times a year so the need for my services has been great. I have never worked as hard as I have these last two weeks. And I have worked damn hard in the past. But I can assure you - knowing that young minds and hearts are depending on you takes everything up a notch. I am - for one day - to facilitate learning for these students. Learning about facts, how to read and how to behave like decent citizens with kindness and compassion for each other. I may move around from room to room and building to building, but I still take that challenge seriously. I venture to guess that is true for most if not all subs. We have big shoes to fill and we work hard to do so.

Favorite moment so far? Student I taught last week saw me in the hall, ran up to me, hugged me and said "Mrs. C - are you coming to our room today?" Sadly, I wasn't - and when I let her know that she said "Bummer." Wow. That is a wicked cool feeling. Two weeks in - and already students are liking me. That is definitely a great feeling. That and teachers are calling me back into their rooms so teachers must like me a bit too...

All of this might help to explain my recent absence here in the blogosphere. I can't promise that is will get any better, but hey! You never know! I'll work on it.


Shana said...

My Mom and my best friend are both teachers.. LOL. I know the feeling.

Marvin the Martian said...

Such a fantastic validation of your work! Congratulations! That is VERY cool. I think teachers should be paid a lot more than they are, but such positive feedback from students is almost as rewarding.

Evelyn said...

I, for one, will gladly keep checking back!

Keep up the good work! Teaching our children is a WONDERFUL gift.
Thank you for your willingness to share that gift!

Frog said...

Good job my dear - you must be really proud of yourself :)

How about teaching me a thing or two? ;)

Lu. Lu. said...

I agree, I think teachers are not only "educators" but nurses, counselors,special ed teachers, police officers in some severe cases...etc -it's all part of the job. just not mentioned in the title (or the pay).
i've missed reading your blog :)

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