16 December 2008

Sometimes small things make you a hero.

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to be a hero. Mind you, in a million years I never thought that covering P.E. would make everyone think I am so fabulous, LOL! I was supposed to sub fourth grade - BUT the teacher booked two subs... she booked the other sub in September but had forgotten. After ample apologies from her (hey - accidents happen) I went to the office to see if I was needed anywhere - sure enough, they needed a PE sub in the other building. I rolled my eyes, chuckled a little and accepted.

On the way over, I realized that since that school starts earlier, one class already missed PE. When I arrived, I told the secretary that if that teacher wanted her planning period back I would be happy to help her out with that - she was welcome to send her kids to me during my free period.

You would have thought I gave her a million dollars... (maybe the next time I am loud when I sub for PirateTeacherFriend she will refrain from scolding me) but seriously - what was I going to do with a free period? Other teachers found out what I did and I was bombarded all day with accolades - which is super-nice, but honestly, I felt sad that any other sub wouldn't have done the same thing...

It was second and third grade PE - and I was happy that I always carry my whistle, that's for sure - Even I would have had a hard time yelling over them to get their attention). I also had a ton more fun than I thought I would, certainly more fun than I had subbing for 4th, 5th and 6th grade PE!


Lara said...

It sounds like you have found your niche... you are obviously an AWESOME sub! Someone who takes the job seriously rather than just filling the chair for the day is rare.

Frog said...

What Lara said! You've always come across to me as someone who gives a damn about everything and nothing.

"The whole world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually live one day.

She did not intend on being one of them."

Sandi said...

Good for you!

Saphira said...

I agree with Lara! It really is the small things that can make a HUGE difference! Way to go!