14 December 2008

You know when you go out to dinner for your birthday...

...And they dress in funny outfits and sing embarrassing songs loudly so that the whole restaurant looks at you? Well that didn't happen... GMOM did manage to alert the pianist (I just like saying that...) to the fact that we were celebrating my birthday so he did play happy birthday and sing to me... but it was nice and not ridiculously embarrassing,..

Then there was the part where GMOM spilled iced cold water down my shirt (Hello!) and Mr.GMOM decided to let the comedian know that it was my birthday... yes. Thanks so much for THAT!!! It actually was a very good time, and I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends.

This does, actually, conclude my birthday celebration for 2008. It began on Thanksgiving. My mom and my aunt gifted me at that time... I had a little cake... Ron made me a pie last weekend! (There are pictures somewhere for that, but they aren't on the photo server yet - so we shall have to be patient) Many people wished me happy birthday on facebook as well. And everything concluded last evening in the company of some excellent friends. It was a very nice celebration this year.

Thanks so much to everyone -


Sandi said...

Well, late happy birthday! Now, about that Facebook thing. I'm on there too. Need to find a way to locate each other!

GMOM said...

Dear Daisy,

We had an absolute wonderful time, as we always do when we're together.
We feel so honored to consider you and Mr. Daisy our friends.
Thanks for allowing us to share your special "day" with you!!!


Daisy said...

Sandi - scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog - there is a facebook banner there, just go ahead and add me! :D

Frog said...

OMG I missed your Birthday? :( Belated wishes - sounds like you had a good one :)

I have had the MIL from hell this week and have been too busy keeping out of her way..... nuff said

iFred said...

Good Grief! I forgot again. Sorry, Daisy. Sounds like you had a great one and I'm glad for that.


Marvin the Martian said...

Happy B-day, belated!