29 March 2008

Bowling and Playdoh Fun!

Yesterday, William and I went to visit friends in Burlington, where we used to live... we went bowling. It was great fun, if not horribly embarrassing. Okay - maybe not HORRIBLY embarrassing, but damn close. I can't bowl to save my soul. I suck. No doubt about it... I don't so much care - but when a seven year old beats you with the bumpers up... well - 'nuff said.

Let's talk about Pat's van...



Here are some pictures (not of the van!)...


GMOM said...

It was a great time. As usual, you had me laughing nonstop. I always tell you that you missed your calling and should be doing standup. Look at the form on your bowling technique...foot pointed back, etc. However, not one of us scored over 100 with the bumpers!!!
About the, I'm not "obsessed" about keeping a vehicle clean. Chicken nuggets, papers and fries...oh my!!! You are priveliged I let you in it. The "VAN RIDE" is reserved for special people :-). DH won't even get in it without cleaning it. I know you're usually not judgemental, but I bet the next time I say, "I'll drive", you'll politely offer to fit 5 of us in your beetle. I hope messy vehicles isn't a future blog or I'll know what prompted it.
Again, thanks for a great time. We love hanging out with you.

DaisyBug said...

OOOO!! Perhaps you have something there - we can have a contest for messiest car! Submit photos and so on... I am sure you would have some real competition out there, don't worry about that... LOL.

I kept thinking to myself - I wonder how much money she'd have if she gathered all the loose change from the floor... Way funny!

It was wonderful fun - thanks for getting on-board (finally) and posting an actual comment! I appreciate it!

GMOM said...

I bet I'd win or at least come in a close second.
Thanks for coming to hangout and play yesterday. You are so awesome with Glenn and treat him no differently despite his autism. This trait is also evident in William and he has learned by example. Glenn was so engaged yesterday with William and Karlijn and it made me soooo happy. More than you'll ever know. We pay a pretty penny for various therapies, however, this "therapy" was priceless. You're AMAZING!!! To boot, you drove almost an hour to get here.

DaisyBug said...

Awww gosh! Yer makin' me blush!!

Bet the people at the hoagie shop were none too pleased with me! It is wonderful fun to hang with you guys.

As far as Glenn goes - I learned from the best! My mom is one of the best special ed teachers - well - ever. She used to bring kids with Autism out shopping with us, bowling, dinner at the chinese restaurant - all that. I watched her interact with them and just try to apply that with Glenn. William knows Glenn's brain works differently from his so he respects that and waits for him to get engaged.

It was a great day, Pat - thank YOU!