29 March 2008

Goodwill Goodness!

Today the Goodwill gods were smiling on me! I made a killin'! Somedays I can go there and walk out empty handed... today made up for that!

First up - I have enough plastic stemware to have a great time out on the patio this summer. At $0.50 a pop - how could I say no?!?!

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Next - You will remember that I have mentioned my desire to try to reduce waste... well I picked up these nifty plastic (read as: unbreakable) cafeteria-style trays for the kids at Yi's Summer Camp! We want to try to have more wholesome foods this year - less processed stuff - and reduce waste... I think at 2/$1 these were a great deal - I bought a dozen... (thank you to my handsome model!!)

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Even Ron lucked out this trip - not shown is the brand new (I swear - no one ever wore it - you could tell) work jacket by Dickies for $9. Shown is the $20 wallet I bought him for $4!

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Finally - I needed an outfit to wear on a sales call on Thursday - not sure why I am going, haven't been asked to go on a sales call for more than six years - but all of a sudden I have to drive an hour and a half to get to the main office and then another hour to get to the appointment. Yippie. But I digress - I needed something cute (read as: not frumpy) to wear so I found this adorable black sweater (NWT) with an empire waist and princess sleeves for $9 and an a-line skirt in black and white also NWT for $5. Pair these with my Prima Crocs (the ones that look like actual shoes, LOL) and I will be good to go. And Clinton and Stacy say no good can come of shopping at the Goodwill! Poppycock!

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THAT is some good shopping! YAY me!!!

What about you? What is your best thrift store find ever??


Anonymous said...

Like Mother, like daughter! is my primary source of all things needed!!! not to mention wanted!!!

But I do enjoy the real deal - out there moving thsoe hangers down the rack and checking it all out.

Also my main source of books - secong to Sallie's boutique (aka the Salvation Army). Beautiful new one in Allentown!

DaisyBug said...

Funny, Mom - that is exactlky what Ron said! LOL -

I reminded him that he should be thrilled to have a wife who likes to shop thrift stores.


Thanks for the comment!