11 March 2008

My First Meatless Monday

Yesterday was my first crack at Meatless Monday. It was absolutely painless, I assure you! I challenge you to give it a try - I bet you can be very creative with your meals. I have that luxury only with breakfast and lunch - my main meal is bound to be horribly boring since I can not cook like a normal person in my house without much weeping and gnashing of teeth. This one won't eat onions, that one won't eat mushrooms. This has to much salt. That has too much sauce. This would be better with noodles, I would be happier if we didn't have that ever again and so on and so forth. Those of you who enjoy cooking would only need to spend a week at my house and you would have that knocked RIGHT out of you.

Anywho - here is what I had yesterday:

Breakfast: Smoothie made of yogurt, skim milk, frozen fruit and a sprinkle of sf/ff chocolate pudding mix. Also an ooey-gooey crumbly and chewy granola bar. This is a surprisingly filling breakfast! William had the same thing - loves this breakfast.

Lunch: Pan-fried tofu sandwich with salsa and a bit of mayo. cereal and raisin snack mix (NOT the sweet one!!) Cream of Tomato and tortellini soup (leftover from Sunday - I made for lunch) and some pretzels.

Supper: Raviolis with marinara and mozzarella cheese. William and I were still hungry after that so we had some hummus and tortilla chips.

It was a good day. Now - you need to understand something - this is not a diet. This is an attempt for me to see what I can come up with to eat that doesn't have meat involved at all. I am no nutritionist but I THINK I had a pretty balanced day yesterday. That is sort of the point.


Frog said...


We're going meatless tonight. It's been ages since we had Hot Dogs !!

Frog said...

On a more sensible note, the smoothies are an excellent way of filling up - I add a banana to mine(and ice cream, and whey protein when I'm training!)

DaisyBug said...

My cheeky friend... Hot Dogs. Funny guy. I love to add bananas in smoothies too! Sometimes I get a very ripe one, slice it and keep in in the freezer and use that along with the frozen berries. I didn't actually have a banana yesterday though - super yummy! :) Thanks for stopping by!

mindicherry said...

hey there chickie!

Menu looks yummy, but you might want to make sure that you are also getting plenty of dark green veggies

I love making smoothies for breakfast too!

DaisyBug said...

Thanks Min - I usually do - and I will - this was just this one day. Plus a lot of the antioxidants one gets from the green veggies one gets also from the berries...

Thanks for stopping by! It makes my heart happy when people comment. :)