26 March 2008

Playdate XL

Today I had the privilege of watching William's friend Alexis and her sister, Hara while their father had surgery on his paw... well - hand, but we always call hands and feet paws here - that is another blog altogether though isn't it??

We had a great day! I wasn't sure what to expect - Hara is two and very active, they arrived at 5am. - might have gone badly, instead - we really had a great day! Hara and I spend some time reading together and playing on the computer (heaven help me I can NOT remember the website I found for her - she really enjoyed it.) Then they all played together outside, we ate lunch, Hara napped - truly a great day. I remembered why I love the age of two - but I also realized it was wise of me to stop at one child. Being nearly 42 with a two year old, especially when one has been up since 4:30 - is a bit tiring.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It was fun!
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Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

I dont have kids yet but I can't wait to have a little girl with Mike in the future! Sounds like even though its a lot of work its also a lot of fun. Plus its like making your own girl friend..only you have to revist the stages you've already been through in the past. The innosence, their purity, makes it all worth while right? At least thats what im guessing! :)