27 March 2008

What to do when something sucks?? Recall it, of course!

We have had some interesting recalls lately - Everything from Aquadots to Dog Food... Generally speaking, we recall things when they are broken, have gone bad or are just flat out dangerous.

Well, the governor of our fair Garden State is doing a rotten job - he is broken, in some ways, and in many minds apparently, he is just dangerous. SO... a campaign has been started to recall him. For the first time in NJ history, a petition has been started to have the issue placed on a ballot - to oust our governor.

Jon Corzine disappoints me gravely. I voted for him because he was an "outsider". I thought that meant he would cut through all the crap - BOY was I wrong. He is just more of the same (increased highway tolls and decreased municipal aid), and while the sad truth is the alternative choices aren't really any better, perhaps this is a way for the people of NJ to make our point.

If you are a registered voter in NJ and if you feel so inclined you can join the effort at . If you are local to me, I am printing a petition, so you can sign mine - just ask me.

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