15 June 2008

Aldi Love

Daisy! You just quit your job of 12 years! It's your first real day of freedom - for - well - ever! What are you going to do?!

I'm going to Aldi!

And that is precisely what I did. Armed with the sales flyer provided by TaiChiInstructorFriend (who is lucky enough to have an Aldi within walking distance of his house - hello!) and my quarter to release the cart (yes, you bring a quarter with you if you expect to use a cart. No. You are NOT paying to use the cart. You will get your quarter back. ) I bravely went into the German Super Store.

I saw bargains everywhere. I bought everything from little gummy fruit candy thingies at $1.69 for a box of 10 little packages to enough frozen tilapia for two meals at $4.99. (I would normally not consider this purchase - but TaiChiInstructorFriend gave a strong recommendation). I had three bags of groceries - including cherries and fruit cocktail (William loves fruit cocktail) and yogurts for $35.

It was quiet in there. Almost spooky - but reminiscent of Target. It was clean. Our Aldi is not in what could be considered a great neighborhood - but WAS clean in there and the cashier was pleasant. They were hiring that day - interviewing on the spot and the front part of the store which is usually reserved for people to pack their own groceries was PACKED with people filling out applications.

I was happy - but suspicious. Wildly suspicious. If it is to good to be true - it probably is, right? That is the cynical American mantra - right? But I have to tell you - so far - everything we have had we have really liked.

I made blueberry muffins this morning for Ron for Father's Day - the box mix with the little can of blueberries was $1.29. He ate them. And then he ate more of them. This is as close to a "hey! These are pretty good." as I am ever going to get - that's the endorsement. Ron ate them and then he ate more. What MORE do I want?? The kids (William and his BFF and her sister) loved the granola bars and the fruit snackie things. I think it is tomorrow that we will be trying the chicken. So far - we are SO loving Aldi! Going back on Wednesday!

Do you have an Aldi near you? Why not try it out and come back to give us a full report!


Frog said...

I used to do Aldi when I lived in the UK - nice and cheap.... we got the Haribu (sp?) Gummy bears too :)

Haven't seen one down here tho...

Evelyn said...

No Aldi here, but isn't it a great adventure to find a new, inexpensive place to shop! Me, I shop them all, looking for the bargains at each. With gasoline prices going up, I've started to carpool to work........... so, I may need to just shop at one or two each week. Until now, though, I've just taken different routes home from work to shop at the different stores. Carpooling feels SO GOOD, though! Just the gasoline saves me about $4.50 each trip that I don't drive!

Shana said...

I have a friend who goes there a lot.
She has brought boxes of cereal for the kids, they are all as good, if not better (the cookie crisp things are way better than the actual cookie crisp!) than the originals.
I may have to go over there and check it out. As long as I save more than $10 I should be ok.. LOL It will cost me $10 in gas to get there and back if I take my truck.

DaisyBug said...

Shana - you should try to carpool with your friend maybe? Or does she not live close?

Evelyn - carpooling is a great idea - especially now!

No Aldi in FL, Frog?? How sad! I am such a junkie now!

Marvin the Martian said...

Nope, no Aldis in FL, though they are in the Midwest and the East. They're either in small-to-medium-sized towns, or in large towns in the bad neighborhoods. But they are always bright, clean, and nearly empty. I could never figure that out.

I've never been in one. I'm glad you like them, though!