22 June 2008

Tears of Regret

So - here is the sixth installment of what has come to be known as Rebecca's Saga. I can tell you all are ticked at me for Garrett's death. Sorry - had to be done. But hang in there with me - there is plenty more to this than meets the eye. Anyone wishing to read the whole story can click here - scroll to the bottom and read up from there to see how it started.

Rebecca walked a long time. She couldn't hear anything except her heart pounding in her chest. Her eyes were clouded with tears which, despite her best efforts would simply not stop. They were the tears that come from the bottom of an heart full of regret. Never - in a million years - did Rebecca imagine that she would be deprived of the chance to hear Garrett say something both wildly insightful and droll which would inevitably make her laugh the deep hearty belly laugh that she now realized only he could incite.

It was nearly 4:00 when she found herself in front of Garrett Glass. She remembered only then that she had a 4:30 appointment with Vince to discuss the wiring for her new-old home. The thought of talking about wiring with this complete stranger - no matter how tall and handsome he was - seemed so insignificant to her now. She needed to cancel. Her hand was on the door when it was abruptly pushed open.

"Oh 'scuse me" Rebecca heard through the cracking chewing gum. Her red swollen eyes saw a beautiful young girl - with wiry red-brown hair and deep green eyes. "Are you okay?" asked the girl. Rebecca realized she must look an absolute wreck. "I - uh - I'm looking for Vince" she stammered. "Oh - sorry." Replied the girl. "Uncle VIn has an appointment this afternoon - he's unavailable". "I'm afraid I'm that appointment" said Rebecca. "and I won't..." Behind the girl Vince appeared. "Afternoon, Miss Rebecca." Vince's polite greeting had a calming effect on Rebecca. There was something inherently soothing about his speech. Like an aloe plant on a bad burn. It just felt good. She didn't say anything more - just sort of waited to hear him talk. "Everything okay, Ma'am?" As he came closer he could see her tear-stained eyes. "Yes - Vince - and please - just 'Rebecca' - I am fine..." He was handing her a neatly pressed hanky. Rebecca wondered when the last time was she saw a neatly pressed hanky. "Where is your car - Rebecca?" He asked. "Oh. My car." She realized that she was more than a mile away from her car at that point - maybe close to two. "My car is - uhm - not here." He said nothing. She continued - "It's at McCloskey's Market."

Vince looked at his watch - then back to Rebecca. "Was our appointment today?" He asked - obviously perplexed at what she was doing in front of the shop. "I do need to actually inspect the wiring at your house, Rebecca" his voice trailing off. "I know that." she replied "I was taking a walk." "I see" he replied, unconvinced. "Would you like a lift back to your car then? For the sake of time - I mean." "Sure. Yes - that would be fine."

His truck was neat. Almost too neat for a work truck. It was very basic. No air conditioning - no radio. The silence was broken only by a mysterious rattle from the truck bed. Rebecca's mind raced. Should she ask him about Garrett? He must have known him! Why did his young niece work at the shop? She wished he would say something. Anything.

He pulled into the parking lot at the grocer's and parked next to her Trailblazer. Rebecca looked at him wondering how he knew it was hers. "It was in the driveway, Rebecca." was all he offered. "Right." She stated.
"Vince - can we not do this today?"
"The estimate?"
"You're the boss - but why wait?"
"Let's just say I had a bad day."
"Ok. How about I fix you dinner instead - take your mind off of it"
"No - Vince - that's ok. I am sure you have better things to do."
"I wouldn't have offered if I didn't have the time, Rebecca. We'd need to eat at your place though. I could still look at your wiring if you want. Or not." Even though it was against her better judgment, Rebecca found herself agreeing to dinner with this stranger. Probably just s she could hear him talk - hoping it might ease the ache in he heart. She headed home to shower while he stopped in the Market for some supplies. "And he cooks too" she thought to herself on the way home wondering once again what his connection was to Garrett. Why was he running the business? With his neice?


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Did I miss something? (Uh, I'm back to read more of your story, now that I have time.) What I'm puzzled about is that I don't remember it ever being established that this IS (or WAS) "her" Garrett's shop. I remember that she wondered if it could be, but not that she ever found out.

I'm asked partly because I think this should be one of the stories I post on Tell Us a Story. Would you be willing?

Now back to reading the next installments of the story.

NOTE: Is it going in the direction of a novel? Have you ever done NaNoWriMo? Or do you even know what that is? Explore the subject here:

... and here (my blog):

DaisyBug said...

Thank you Bonnie - I will look into that site and OF COURSE you may use this for tell us a story. I never really planned to write a novel. I just started writing and it just started growing.

I think the idea I was trying to present was that it is a fairly small town and Garrett a different-enough name that she felt safe in making that assumption?