28 June 2008

This week

So I haven't really posted much other than about Aldi, LOL! So I thought I would give a rundown on some of what ELSE has been going on (lest you think I hang out at the Aldi all the time).

  • TaiChiInstructorFriend has decided to teach me the sword form and I am just beside myself excited. Suffice it to say that he is a brave and patient man to take this on. It took me a year to learn the Yang Style Long Form. Who knows how long this will take??

  • William has started swimming lessons. He did great and is very excited to give this a try. We are happy because really with William this could have gone either way - either he would do great or he would come completely unglued. Happily - it seems to be the former.

  • I am finally starting to feel like a real person. I no longer feel like I am on the verge of an anxiety attack 24/7. I am happier and calmer and this is a good thing. I am also working hard to whip this house into shape. It is not a pigsty- don't get me wrong - but it definitely needs tweaking.

  • I am also taking the Martial Arts Fitness Class with TaiChiInstructorFriend on Fridays. I made the mistake last week of mentioning that I sweat more in TaiChi. He fixed my ass this week, LOL. I really only meant to point out that TaiChi makes you work more than people think... it wasn't intended to be a challenge to make MA Fitness HARDER, LOL!

  • We went to a concert in the park this week. It was perfect. Beautiful weather - kids dancing and chasing lightening bugs. We even ran into SchoolTeacherFriend and his wife and son. A big fat thank you to the Waterford Township Recreation Committee and anyone else involved in making that happen!

Well - I think that about does it from here... What's new with you??


Marvin the Martian said...

Yes, I need an "Aldi" fix! LOL!

You've had a fun week! And I love those concerts in the park! Lightning bugs! How fortunate you are to live where they are. I haven't, for 30 years. It's sad. I miss them.

Doing fun stuff for 4th? I figure I will injure myself with fireworks. We got roman candles to play with. I have never used them before. I forget which end you're supposed to hold. ;-)

Frog said...

Good stuff!! I miss the lightning bugs too! Although I'm getting plenty of lightning at the moment :O