14 June 2008

Names and Faces

Those of you who have been waiting for more of Rebecca's saga - I apologize again for the delay. Those of you just joining us can read the previous installments here. This is a bit short - but a very important segment... trust me. I have a plan. :) Gmom - don't be mad...

Rebecca spent the day running errands, picking up fresh fruit from the farmer's market and stopping briefly at the corner market for Ajax and paper towels. "Rebecca? Rebecca Stoya?" The voice came from the produce department. Rebecca turned quickly to see a tall woman with bright red hair waving enthusiastically at her. Rebecca smiled weakly and waved reluctantly. This was just the sort of awkward encounter that the had been dreading. Clearly this woman knew who she was while Rebecca was drawing a blank. Again. As usual. Terrible with names and faces, this was just one reason Rebecca had avoided "going home".

The red head was persistent - she rushed over to Rebecca and gave her one of those light, back patting hugs. "How have you been? You look exactly the same! Garrett would have been so happy to see you." "Where is he?" Rebecca blurted without thinking, quickly putting her hand to her mouth. "Oh." was all the other woman said. Rebecca looked at her - silently waiting for the answer to the question that plagued her since she returned. Where was Garrett Lewsinsky?

Rebecca's eyes grew wide with expectation - the red head's pretty green eyes began to fill with tears. "He's gone, Rebecca. I thought you knew." "Where did - he - go?" Rebecca asked, hoping to hear that he ran off to the Caribbean to open a beach bar or perhaps made his long anticipated journey to the Shaolin Temple. She winced as she waited to hear the reply. "Rebecca" the woman took Rebecca's hands "He died more than ten years ago. A car accident. Drunk driver..." Rebecca's heart slowed and pounded loudly in her head. She pulled her hands from the woman's and turned and walked away leaving the cart behind. "Rebecca... Rebecca..." She could hear the red-head yelling after her but she needed to get outside for air.


Marvin the Martian said...

How sad. And that's exactly why I don't go "home." You can't go home again. It's best to leave the past in the past. :(

DaisyBug said...

hang in there with me - I am going somewhere with this one. :) I actually hate going "home" although I have to sometimes because of family still being there. If I see someone I know - I usually turn around and walk the other way.

White Rose said...

Glad you put all the segments together. I'm doing some catching up! Glad to see you're continuing the story!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

What a nice turn in the story here! So far I especially like this from the second installment (which, of course, I had read before):

They would never be finished working on it. Thinking about it now, Rebecca figured that was part of the charm. That the house was as much of a work in progress as she was.