11 June 2008

Either you get it - or you don't.

Clearly - I just don't.

This whole CVS thing. I have read and read and read to the complete and total neglect of you good people who take the time to visit me here - unbelievable that you likely don't know that tomorrow is my last day at my job of 12 years. I promise to post about that after tomorrow though.

The CVS thing is starting to be my new cartwheel. Every once in a while there is something that everyone else can do with relative ease that just makes my head explode. Cartwheels always eluded me - Soduko puzzles - same thing. And now there is this. ECB's and multiple trips and strategies.

SO I am going to just fly by the seat of my pants and try it. Compulsive planner that I am - this makes me very uncomfortable. I don't have the massive coupon stash that everyone else seems to have... Here is what I plan to do this week:

Two trips:

1) Smart Rinse (I have a coupon from the dentist too) I will pay $2.50 and earn $3.50; Oral B toothbrushes I will pay $7 and earn $7 and I shall buy 4 bars of Dove soap for $10 and earn $3.

2) My next trip I have things I need to buy so I will buy the GasX (however much that is - I have no clue) and I shall earn $3 and I shall buy the coffee and the Fiber One bars for $20 and earn $10 I think. I have a coupon for ziploc bags and SeaBreeze and I shall stock up on some candy for my little family at $10 and earn $5.

Now - people like Mindi at The Queen Mum could do all of this and tell you precisely to the penny how much she will spend and what she will earn and likely twist it around so that she spends like $0.06 out of pocket after her first trip - but I am, apparently wee todd id. Still - I think I will do okay. If I EVER get the hang of it and find it to be as awesome as everyone promises I promise to make videos for those of us who are visual learners and can not learn by reading alone.


Marvin the Martian said...

Coupons? What are those? ;-) I save money by not buying stuff. But I admire those who leverage coupons and store discount cards to save lots of money. I know you can do it! Use the Force, DaisyBug.

Thanks for listing me on your blogroll! I will do the same for you, if I haven't already - I can't remember.

Have a wonderful day!

Lara said...

Ha! I can't figure this out either! I'll be looking forward to your video.. or at least step by step instructions. DETAILED instructions. LOL

But be sure to sign up for their emails. They recently sent me a coupon for $15 off of some $$ purchase, I forget what.. but it was something we needed to buy there anyway so it was a good deal. They do have some great offers.

I've not yet figured out how you know what gives ECB's and how many. Is that in their ad?

DaisyBug said...

Ah - Marvin - Yes - the Force... Help me it will - mmmmm...

Lara - yes it is in their ad. Click the link in my post to take you to MoneySavingMom... she has a very nice explanation - detailed etc. I am just really needing something more visual.

Frog said...

I don't do coupons either - but here's a coupon for a free massage next time I see you ;)

(good luck tomorrow btw!)

Anonymous said...

Daisy Daisy Daisy.....

give me an hour to get the kids off to school (2nd to last day!) and I'll work out the scenario for you to save you the most money!

I'd do it now, but I'm wrapped in a towel with a wet head and Satan's Spawn is due here in 10 minutes!

Mindi said...

Hey Chickie!

click here:

Evelyn said...

LOL, I'm one of those people who always LOSE the coupons from places like CVS!
I, a TRULY visual learner, will look forward to your video. Alas, will I have the patience AND the time for the multiple trips???
Good luck with this, Daisy! :)

DaisyBug said...

Allow me to share with you something I learned just yesterday... apparently - multiple transactions does NOT mean multiple trips... Coolness.