03 June 2008

A weird sort of limbo

I find myself poised between now and then and it is awkward. People at work don't know how to talk to me now. I am working hard to get things in order for when I leave even though it obviously doesn't matter. No one will ever notice or acknowledge what I am doing - I won't get any extra money or consideration, but the truth is, I am doing it for me. When I leave on the 13th I will be able to do so knowing that I have done my best and left with as much grace and integrity as is possible for me.

I know- I know... Integrity is so 1950's right? Well - color me retro then. I don't care. Integrity means something to me. So - this is all for me.

Anyway - it feels weird to be almost at the end of 12 years. But overall I am very excited... a teeny bit scared - but mostly just excited. :)


Anonymous said...

I remember when I gave notice at my last job....and it was actually 5-months notice (since I knew I wasn't coming back after I had Prince #1). People were amazed and confused that I still put in the same amount of effort despite knowing that it was ending.

It's called a work ethic....and you obviously have one. That is what will always set you apart and make you appealing to employers!

Lara said...

Integrity is a wonderful thing. Don't EVER change that about yourself. I think if you shortchange others, you're really shortchanging yourself. They may not know the difference, but YOU will.

Marvin the Martian said...

Funny how 12 years gets behind you, isn't it!

Enjoy your cow-orkers' discomfort, knowing that it's mixed with jealousy that you're leaving. You can apply your good work ethic somewhere else.

DaisyBug said...

Thanks you guys! I guess you are right. I was raised that way. Funny thing is, the CFO that left a few weeks ago is also from the coal regions of PA - same sort of work ethic. Their loss, I guess.

Thanks for all your kind words... I really feel that I am headed in the right direction. Summer off, substitute teaching next year, possibly back to school after that for Special Ed.

iFred said...

Your work ethic is very good, Daisy, and yes, it is rather "retro" these days. It is the same as I received from my father and it made it rather difficult to see my active and maddeningly intense 45 year career come to an end.

It's rewarding to know that hard work and careful money management can lead to an enjoyable retirement. It's been over 7 years now and I've finally settled down and accepted the fact that I no longer have a job to go to each day.