17 June 2008

Supah quick Aldi update...

Let me just update you - the chicken I bought at Aldi was good, if not a little too peppery for William. I will look for another flavor (this one was Italian Style) because it was EASY to make and I still have enough for two more servings (I can use these when everyone else is having something like ham slices).

The curly fries, I thought, were delicious. Everyone else seemed to agree with me.

The fruit cocktail was on par with the DelMonte. Had even a few more cherries I believe. Always a plus in the fruit cocktail department.

So far - We are all loving Aldi. :)


Marvin the Martian said...

Aldi rocks, then!

iFred said...

Perhaps one day I'll venture back to Aldi. We have 20 stores in our metro area and we were in one several months ago - quite by mistake. Our son recommended a store to us for gluten-free foods and we, not remembering the name, thought the Aldi store closest to us was the store he recommended.

A quick cell phone call to his office corrected the mistake and we went on the place he recommended about a block away.

Looks like we missed out on some things, although the Aldi store we were in was quite small and located in a high rent, upscale district.