16 January 2008

My Cheeky Son

I don't know how he comes up with this stuff. It seriously boggles my mind.

Yesterday he was playing with his trucks - one of which is an ice cream truck.

Mommy: What about this truck, William? Why is it parked here?
William: Because he is in court.
Mommy: Why is he in court - he IS an ice cream man, right?
William: Yes - but his ice cream is too good.
Mommy: You can get in trouble for selling ice cream that is too good?
William: Yes - his customers ate too much so their bellies exploded and they need new hearts.
Mommy: (trying really hard not to wet myself laughing) Did he make them eat the ice cream, William?
William: No- but they couldn't help it. It is too good so they ate too much. Now he only sells ice cream that is a little good.

I know he says he wants to be a veterinarian - but it sound like he is going to be a lawyer, doesn't it? It also would seem that all my lessons on personal responsibility have fallen on deaf ears.

There is a flaw in his logic - there is no such thing as "too good" ice cream... YUM!