23 January 2008

Poetry Stretch - Macaronic Verse

Okay - all of a sudden I feel like I am in fifth grade. Wildly insecure without any idea if I have grasped the concept or not. Typically a very concrete, visual, tactile learner, this sort of "do it wrong" assignment messes with my mind which craves order like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream. So I offer my attempt at the Poetry Stretch Challenge this week at Miss Rumphius Effect (clicky) and I hold my breath while I wait to see if I got it right or not... Anyway - here is my effort: (EDIT: OOPS!!! I forgot to mention that I used Latin in a way that would make poor Sister Donatus just about pass out... Today's dose of latin vocabulary: Ubi = where, Sub = under, Semper = always, Nunquam = never, est = is, meum = my)

Sub Ubi

Ubi O ubi est meum sub ubi?

Sub Ubi pink
Sub Ubi green
Sub Ubi any color in between.

Sub Ubi boxer
Sub Ubi brief
Perhaps you prefer Sub Ubi fig leaf?

Sub Ubi silk
Sub Ubi cotton
Sub Ubi thong - not soon forgotten.

Sub Ubi grande
Sub Ubi petite
It all depends on how much you eat.

Semper ubi sub ubi
Nunquam ubi sub ubi
It's all up to you.
Just do whatever is most natural to you!


paisley said...

i totally love it... i have to wonder if sub ubi is a word you made up... or is it some wild oriental thing i should know about... either way... i loved the piece....

DaisyBug said...

It is Latin - I apologize. I edited the originaly post with translation - I am so sorry. It makes more sense when you know that Sub Ubi is supposed to be Underwear.

Cheeky. I know. This is why I am not entirely sure I got the gist of the challenge. I wasn't going to post at all but then I figured I am supposed to by going out of my comfort zone and it doesn't REALLY matter if I get it wrong - there is no grade attached, LOL!

paisley said...

a ha... i didn't have a clue either... i posted the whole nine yards...

Frog said...

ranarian nudum !!

Crafty Green Poet said...

love this, it flows well and entertains

Sara said...

LOL. "sub ubi"...can't you just see that as a hip lingerie brand?

sister AE said...

I think this is exactly right! Well done! and your comment about being cheeky made me laugh - a lot!

Tricia said...

Cheeky indeed! What fun!

Mommy Doodles said...

i have no idea what this means.... i do know that you won!! check out my blog, email me your information. The Quick Count Football Card Game is yours!

Cloudscome said...

very clever! you had me laughing like a six year old boy and feeling like a Latin student at the same time.