05 January 2008

Anger ruins happiness...

I have decided that being angry is just not something I want to do. After last night's verbal beating and all the tossing and turning that followed I ended up realizing that how I react to something is COMPLETELY my decision. If I get angry it steals my joy - changes my mind, my heart - takes away what makes me good. BUT - when I get past anger, I have the peace of mind that comes with having no regrets. I want that. No regrets. Joy. Happiness.

But I have to choose it.

I spent some time reading an email from a friend who reminded me that I am "marvelous" (my friend's word - not mine). Woah. THAT is the kind of compliment I can get serious mileage out of. It is the very thing that spared me from regret today. The very thing that helped me keep my joy.

Thank you, friend. You know who you are. :)

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