07 July 2008

Bus Nazi


Let me set the scene here for you just a little bit. William is in the township recreation program this year. He was in the township recreation program last year. This means I am not new to this. There is, in front of the school, a bus loop and a regular loop for parents to drop kids off. This is not a regular school day - at best there are two or three short busses to drop off some kids with special needs. They don't arrive at the same time every day, so usually it is just one bus dropping of at a time. This means that some parents like to park in the bus loop - but we all know to leave PLENTY of space for the busses. It is a huge bus loop. Probably accomodates 7 -10 full length buses every school day at one time - get the picture? Lots of space.

This morning - and mind you - hormonally speaking, I am a big exposed nerve right now so someone says the wrong thing at the wrong time and well - let's just say I use everything I have to stay calm. So this morning I pull into the loop like I did all last year and all last week. Far back. Away from the school (I just don't like the chaos of the other loop and I like to walk WIlliam to the door. Trust me. I have my reasons). This aid says to me "This is a bus loop. we need this space for the busses for the special needs students." I said "Yes, I know." she pushes it "You can't leave your car here." I keep walking and remind her that there is plenty of room and that I will be out of there in less than a minute. She keeps taunting me about it. I keep ignoring her. After I leave Wiliam at the door, as I turn around, I see a short bus pull in. Guess where?? The small chaotic bus loop. They do that too sometimes, but this one apparently is new to the rec program and just doesn't get it. So as I walk past her this time I raise my eye brow and just sort of snicker.

Get over yourself already. This aid is super-snarky. I have seen her before in the schools and she never smiles. ALWAYS has a scowl plastered onto her face. I feel like telling her that her face is going to freeze if she keeps it that way. Hmmm. Perhaps it already has. Can't wait to see what she says to me this afternoon when I park in the same place and tell her "ooops. I must have forgotten." And keep on walking right past her snarky butt.


Marvin the Martian said...

Give a small, helpless person some power, and they will use it. ;-) Hope she doesn't key your car when she is frustrated by your failure to heed her commands! THEN she will feel your wrath.

Frog said...

Holy crap!! I'm staying out of the way :D