20 July 2008

Does size matter?

The Par-tay... How'd it go, Froggy wants to know... Well, actually, it went quite well. It occurred to me that my stressors at my parties are largely brought on by my own personal neurosis. Interesting... SO when I am talking to a group of people and glance across the room at another group of people, I worry that they think I am blowing them off. Ron reminds me that this is called mingling. You aren't expected to be everywhere at one time. Good thing too since I have yet to master bi-location (Froggy - keep the cheeky comment to yourself... ;) ) So I must work on this madness. Apparently everyone had a good time. I am close to the $800 mark for the show so it was successful...

The mix of people was great but there was not a lot of interaction BETWEEN these groups. I really think I like a smaller group - but Ron insists that larger parties are better because people in uncomfortable situations have an easier out... I don't know... How about you? Do you prefer to host a larger party or a smaller one? Do you prefer to attend one kind over another?


Lara said...

Small groups are great if it's a group where everyone knows each other. If it's a mixed group, I think larger is better.

Marvin the Martian said...

I'm glad it was a success! MDW used to sell Pampered Chef, before I met her. That's terrific stuff.

I like smaller parties myself, so I can get to know people. But I don't go to those sorts of parties. ;-)