26 July 2008

Finally... William has wheels!

My son, William is eight. He is super-cute and quite smart in his own quirky unique way. He also has some rather significant gross motor challenges that have, up until this point, prevented him from really riding a bike. At.all. Of any kind. A little more than a week ago a physical therapist suggested we get him a trike. That's right, a big giant tricycle. At first I was reluctant - worried about someone making fun of him - but the PT reminded me that his friends will not and the other kids will likely just find something else to pick on him about. The value of him developing leg and ankle muscles and self-esteem and just feeling the thrill of propelling himself through space will outweigh any potential teasing.

So - after many many calls to different bike shops we found one that had one in stock that he could try. He was a little reluctant to get on it initially - he has severe gravitational insecurity and worries about falling - doesn't like to be up high at all - but once we convinced him to try it, that the trike was just like the tricycle that we had to pry out from under him last year because he looked like one of those clowns that ride tricycles he took to it instantly and loves it. It is fabulous to see him so happy peddling around, quite pleased with himself.

Bravo, William! We are so proud!


Drowsey Monkey said...

That is totally cool! And he looks so happy.

It's a big bike tho! Looks scary, well for me, not him. I could do serious damage I'm sure.

GMOM said...

Way to go William!!! What a cool set of wheels.

Anonymous said...


I like it - looks totally awesome! May I try it out when I come down???

Hugs and kisses - NANA

Marvin the Martian said...

Congratulations! Too bad you didn't swing down our way first - you can buy those things by the dozen here, they're all anyone rides. Me, I'd want to hook up a 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine to the rear drive sprocket. I bet that thing would MOVE! ;-)

Hurrah for William!

catmom said...

Hey William, you look totally awesome on your new bike. Always wear your helmet. Love Aunt Pat

Sugee Andersyn said...

Oh! Those bikes are awesome! I seen those at WalMart here and there and I always thought they were way cool!