06 July 2008

Cemeteries, Bubble Gum and Daisies

So - here is the eighth installment of Rebecca's Saga. If you want or need to catch up, see the sidebar...

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Vince talked about Becky - how she was a good student, smart, well-liked and talented with a trombone. He was - actually - gushing. Rebecca heard pieces of what he was saying but her mind was still trying to figure out where this poor girl's mother was.

"Where did she go, Vince?" Rebecca asked.
"Where did who go?"
"Her mother. Your sister."

Suddenly the Da Da Da song blared from his cell. "Interesting ringtone, Vince." she thought and raised her eyebrow.

Vince took the call in the house. He was gone for a few minutes and Rebecca returned to the kitchen shortly after. "No Becky. No. I'm sorry. No. Stay put. I am coming home." He flipped the phone closed and looked at Rebecca.

"Sorry. She wants to go to a party. I have to go - make sure she stays in." Vince said. He grabbed her shoulders and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "maybe lunch tomorrow?" He asked.

"Maybe" Rebecca replied.

The next morning, after coffee and a bit of weeding, Rebecca headed to the library. She knew it was a long shot - the accident was so long ago, but she wanted to read the truth. She hopped on her bicycle and headed out. She decided to cut through the cemetery since that shaved a good half mile off the trip. As she turned the corner she noticed a girl sitting on a grave, stretched out, almost relaxed. In an instant she knew it was Becky - she recognized the wiry red-brown hair peeking out of the back of a baseball cap. As Rebecca coasted around the corner, Becky looked up and waved.

"Hi Miss Rebecca" she said. Rebecca waved back.
"Good Morning, Becky" she replied.
"My daddy liked daisies. I bring him some once in a while. He always said that you can't look at a daisy and not smile."

Rebecca could feel the lump in her throat again and remembered that Garrett had told her that same thing on any number of summer afternoons that he spent trying to make her feel better because she had trusted some dumb ass who had let her down. "He was right" Rebecca managed to squeak out. She had parked the bike and walked slowly to the grave.

"Is your last name Stoya?" Becky asked through cracking gum.
"Yes - well - it was."
"My daddy named me after you"
"Oh." Rebecca suddenly felt that all the clever things that someone could say at this point just could not find their way to her mouth. Instead she smiled weakly and said "I am so lucky then."
Becky smiled back and patted the ground for her to sit. "It's nice here" she said "quiet - you can think here."
Rebecca sat down realizing that she wasn't so sure she wanted to think. Becky handed her a daisy and blew a monstrous bubble.


GMOM said...

Please don't make me wait long for the next installment. With William in summer camp, you have time. :-) Forget the "chores", etc. and humor me.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Oh, my goodness! What a shocker to find he'd named Becky for her!