12 July 2008

Okay - so we are obviously home by now...

And I have been negligent in my blogging duties. Hope everyone is doing well. I am getting ready for a Pampered Chef extravaganza I am having next weekend - lots of work. I am having a Co-Ed Pampered Chef BBQ. We are expecting nearly 20 people. Should be pretty good - An interesting mix of people too! People Ron works with, my mother, TeacherPirateFriend and family and even TaiChiInstructorFriend! Oh - and if anyone needs or wants anything from Pampered Chef, please let me know this week - did you know they ship direct now?? Coolness!

So - I must seriously clean my kitchen. Including (dumdumdumdum) the FRIDGE!!! Scariest of scary places!! What is up with the fridge anyway?? I can organize pretty much everything but the fridge is a mystery that eludes me still. Things routinely get shoved to the back - and are lost forever! If anyone has any special tips for keeping the fridge from being so damn scary - I would LOVE to hear them!

Other than that we are trying to keep William busy - He has one more week of the rec program and then Karate Camp starts... we have a birthday party on Monday and have been trying to touch base with Wiliiam's BFF and her family as well! I am also in a super snarky mood right now. Blaming it on PMS. Marvin - no posting about VW's this week - okay? I just can't take it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Please - when you stop by - leave a comment. Don't make me beg!


Lara said...

My summer is crazy busy... between trying to get our house ready to put on the market, and trying to get blondie ready for boarding school, and trying to work, and trying to... um, I forget what else I was doing. I should just go read more blogs. ;)

I didn't know you did pampered chef! I'll have to check out what I need... I love their stuff. :)

Frog said...

I like it when you beg :)

Glad to hear you had a good time (you did, right?) - I'm with Lara in the busy zone... Tae Kwon Do, Gym, Running, Ironing (naked of course!), cleaning the fridge (btw the best way to have an organized fridge is to have a glass-front one :) )... can't stop - taking Will to the Dr... dogs are living at the vets at the moment... thinking about giving them a big bottle of pills (j/k)

Welcome back :)