02 July 2008

More help to talk to humans!

Thanks to Eric, fellow mac user, who was kind enough to share his new site - so new he hasn't even sent out press releases - with us:

Customer Service Numbers

Something I really like about this site is that it gives users a chance to comment - LOVE that!

Eric promises a forthcoming widget for bloggers to add to their sidebars and assuming the widget will not be ridiculously huge I will add it when it is ready!

Thanks Eric!


Marvin the Martian said...

Mac users. [shakes head] There are so many misguided souls. ;-) Join the Dark Side. Worship our master, Darth Gates. Resistance is futile.

Frog said...

Heh heh!!

Made on a Mac

DaisyBug said...

Marvin, Marvin, Marvin...

My friend.

I have been a hard-core (pun is ABSOLUTELY intended) apple/mac user since the 80's. I have used Windows. Several varieties - all of them in fact including the very buggy, if not well-intentioned Vista. It is just so - well - so very "5 years ago".

They are always behind in technology and they, sadly, always seem to put out a product before it is really ready. Like they are trying to be cutting edge - all along mac user shake our heads in amazement because we have had whatever functionality it is that Darth Gates is pimping as all-new and exciting for about five years. Sometimes a little less. Sometimes a little more.

It is sad. And pathetic really. But alas, he is a master marketer and people are such sheep and follow along mindlessly. It's okay. Mac users feel no real contempt for windows users - really - it is more like pity. We are so sorry you don't know how good it feels to use a mac/OSX

It is interesting to note that many people are changing to macs. I have two friends recently do that very thing.

Either you get it. Or you don't. ;)

iFred said...

Perhaps you've heard the saying,"There are 3 kinds of computer users...

1. Those who have a Mac.

2. Those who wish they had a Mac.

3. Those who don't know the difference."

Sadly, far too many don't know the difference.

They can have my Mac when they pry my cold dead fingers from the stylish keyboard.

--A daily Mac user since 1986.