09 February 2008

A Cabinet Full...

Of Girl Scout Cookies.

Why? Why oh WHY must these cookies haunt me? It is the weirdest thing - I really don't have that big of a sweet tooth - my biggest temptation is any kind of potato: French Fries ad Mashed Potatoes right at the top of that list. But there is something about a box of Caramel Delights that just calls my name... like a beautiful Siren, I can hear them from all the way in the basement. How rude of them to disturb me while I practice Tai Chi!

Ron knows - only buy me one box. I must make them last. They have been here two weeks now and I still have one row left - then no more until next year. This is the deal I cut with myself. So I savor them. I eat only one at a time - one maybe every other day - but sometimes I just open the box for a sniff.

Does this make me crazy?

1 comment:

Frog said...

Yep! You're a complete loon :D

I admire your self-control. One box is never going to kill anyone (unless it's a really heavy box that falls out of a plane and hits someone on the head) so, good for you that you can make it last :)