22 February 2008

Fighting the Frump - For Fat Girls

Okay - I am going to "go there". There being, of course, down the body-positive path. Let's get something straight. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In any one woman's lifetime she may be asked to embrace a few different sized versions of her - the important thing to remember is that they are all her!! Special, unique and beautiful.

I came to the realization not all that long ago that what I have right now, may just be as good as it is going to get. And you know what? That is okay. It really really is. I am healthy. I am strong. I don't fit into any nice neat little weight charts, but guess what? I no longer care! I want to take the me I am right now and package it as well as I can. And THAT is the focus of this blog post.

Even if you want to lose weight (hey - you want to fight the fight - go for it - I am over it, but you may still want in on all of that) you should do everything you can to pamper the body you have right now. None of this "I have to lose five more pounds" B.S. Listen up... if you do not like your body, you will only struggle to take good care of it. Did you hear me?? It is critical to your mission to take good care of what you have right now! No delays! This means manicures, pedicures, daily make-up - all of it! DOn't read these frump-fighting posts and think you are off the hook until you loose ten more pounds - no ma'am! As a matter of fact I believe it to be even more critical for those of us more zaftique women to look our best. Face it - if you are a perky little size 6 you can get away with a sloppy t-shirt to run to the grocery store. If a fat girl tries to pull that stunt - well it doesn't bode well for her, does it?

So - do this. Go to your closet and find everything you have that fits you today. Right at this minute. Not things that are too baggy or too tight. Things that make you look like the goddess you are right now. Pull together one good outfit. Put some makeup on. Do your hair. See how you feel. If you can not find one outfit I want you to go buy one. Just one.

Need to learn more about how to dress your beautiful figure? Our friends at Igigi can help there - they have wonderful clothing too - check it out while you are there. is also great. Kiyonna, and old standbys such as Avenue and Lane Bryant.

Fighting the Frump for the Fat Girls... Be kind to your body, love what you have, be the best and most beautiful you you can be. Right NOW!

Come on - try it!

The lovely-as-always Barbara Brickner:
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Alicia said...

Oh, I like you!I'm still going to try to lose that weight, but thank you (especially for permission to buy a new outfit).

Melody said...

This is a TERRIFIC post! I'm al about loving myself! I stuggle with it some day (who doesn't!) but you can't be good to yourself if you dont' love yourself, and if you don't - then why bother firghting the frump!?!

Love this!

Tara R. said...

I really needed to read this today.... Thank you! Sometimes you just need a good smack in the forehead to make you think straight again.

Connie said...

This is my first week fighting the frump! I am not yet ready to give up and i"m trying like heck to lose some weight but I am doing it for my health. And for my kids.

Today...I exercised, I did my hair, put on make-up and wore real clothes (I went through my closet last week) and I felt so much better about myself.

I am really very amazed.

Thanks for the positive encouragement!

HRH said...

I love the idea of loving the body you are in.

Anonymous said...

still catching up on all my blogs...
this was such a great already know how I feel about putting on makeup, but I still have about 20 pounds to lose and I sometimes wake up with a huge case of the "I'm a fat pig, who cares how I look?" negativity.

I'm still trying to lose the weight, although through new (and hopefully healthier) avenues. But if I don't, I'm ok with that. My husband still tries to nail me all the time, so I can't be that bad! ;-)