22 February 2008

Snow Day!

Well... it finally happened. We got a good old-fashioned snow day! No school - I am working from home today - Hot chocolate - homemade cookies later no doubt...

So I wanted to shovel a little before everything switches to slush and gets heavy. William fussed at me so much - HE wanted to shovel. I have to make a deal - I shovel out front, you shovel out back. Daddy will plow the driveway when he gets home. Trust me. I realize that I will no doubt have to beg him to help me shovel in a few years... so I thought I'd best let him have at it now...

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Here are some random pics from around our house... and yes. I am aware that the umbrella should have been brought inside. I think I am secretly hoping it is no good come spring so I can justify a new one? I don't know - lame - but, well - I have no excuse.

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