07 February 2008

Election day at school

I spent the day on Tuesday at my son's school. The whole day - directing voters to the proper location to vote. I ended up there because I have a big mouth. I was upset that school was open on election day - I called the superintendent of schools who is a very kind man and always so concerned about safety. I expressed to him how odd I thought it was to just leave the doors wide open when we are always getting letters from him about the perils of basically everything.

I pressed him - what plans did he have in place to ensure me that my son would be safe that day? He mentioned that they had tried to move the voting locations but the township wouldn't have any of it. He mentioned that the police were not sure they could man the schools the entire day. I said to him is it a hollow gesture for the officers to bring pizzas to the kids and talk to them about drugs if they aren't even willing to ensure their safety for one day. So - everyone started talking some more and the police were there all day - and in order to be part of the solution and not part of the problem I put my money where my mouth is and volunteered to do whatever they needed me to do that day.

So, I spent that day stationed in the main hall, along with three different police officers who rotated shifts to alleviate boredom. We directed voters and kept anyone from straying. The day went without incident. And while it is fair to say that it likely would have gone that way without us there, well - true. But I am happy that we didn't have to risk it. Everyone did the right thing that day to make sure those kids were safe.

It is really sad that we have to live like that - always worrying - but it is a fact so as parents, we worry. We act. We do whatever we need to do to protect our children. It feels good when we have the community support we need - like that of the police officers. To me - that was a day well-spent.

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