17 February 2008

Fighting the Frump

FussyPants talks a bit about not allowing ourselves to fall into that trap where we look like the next best candidate for "What Not To Wear". Oddly enough, along those lines I went for a stroll around Kohls yesterday and found some great stuff! Such good deals there too - if you haven't been lately - go now - HUGE sales!

I bought a sharp little jacket that regularly sold for $42 for $9! This is a beige corduroy jacket that is fitted and fits me very VERY nicely. I also bought two tops with an empire waist (probably the best look for me) for $3.80 each - these tops listed for $40 each originally. THAT, my friends, is just good shopping!

Fighting the Frump doesn't have to be pricey! You just have to learn what looks good on you and search for those styles on pretty much every sale rack you can find... If you look pulled together you will ACT pull together - and you will FEEL pulled together and confidant.

And THAT is a good thing, Ladies. A very good thing...

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By daisybugnj

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