15 February 2008

Crash and Burn

Okay - here is the thing. I am NOT a night person. When something in my schedule makes a demand of me in the evening/night hours I have to do something to help myself along. Usually that is a SMALL SF RedBull.

Last night was Bunco Night. There were no SF RedBulls at the mini mart where I ordered supper (Old Nelson's for anyone local to me - WONDERFUL sandwiches etc! I hightly recommend it!) so I grabbed a diet Rockstar. Woah. BIG mistake.

I drank it fast, first of all and immediately felt almost buzzed. That did wear off pretty quickly, but then my heart raced and felt all fluttery. This uncomfortable sensation lasted pretty much all night.

I got home late - about 11:15 (my bed time is 11:00, although I am usually asleep on the couch by 9:30 or so). We went straight to bed. And in spite of feeling absolutely whipped, I could not fall asleep. I tried breathing, I tried lying perfectly still, I repositioned, I put in earplugs. Everything I could think off. It took a very VERY long time but I did eventually fall asleep only to have the weirdest damn dreams.

I think that I have had my last energy drink. I don't know why it affected me so strongly, but I don't like how I felt. I have even less appreciation for how I am feeling today. I am just exhausted and uber-crabby.

RedBull. RockStar. Just say no.

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