17 February 2008

Down with Plastic Bags...

I am trying to do what I can to be kind to our planet. One thing that I have done is purchase reusable bags to use instead of plastic grocery bags. I have done so only after extensive research - naturally. So - I believe I have found the ideal bag. Now, understand this: these bags are NOT the cheapest. But the have some excellent features which I think make them worth the money.

First - they fold into a little tiny square when not in use. This allows me to keep one in my purse at all times - I can use the bags at convenience stores too because there is always one available to me. I love this!
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Second - they are designed to fit over the bag rack at grocery stores - this makes them extremely easy to load.

Third - they are strong. Really strong. You can fit more in these bags than you can in plastic bags - and while one would assume that you could over-pack them, make them too heavy - they are astonishingly comfortable to carry, so they don't seem so heavy, This one, I can't explain - you would have to try them yourself and see.

Fourth - you can wash them. If they get icky - you can just throw it in the wash. So far, not relevant but in this house it is only a matter of time.

So far - since receiving them on Wednesday - we have avoided briging 12 plastic bags into this house. He even used them when we went to Kohls!

I ordered mine from, they are ACME bags (not THAT Acme, LOL). And come in three colors!


Frog said...

your nails always look fantastic !

I recycle my bags ... Dogs!

DaisyBug said...

You are sweet to notice, Froggy - thank you!

We re-use our bags too - but we just have WAY MORE than we can use... it is ridiculous.