28 August 2008

Dog Humor

So... As you likely know my dog Gunther has diabetes. Right now we are trying to get him regulated and so I must test a urine sample several times a day. To do this I simply slip a test slip under him at the right moment.


This dog who could barely drag his butt off the patio last week to relieve himself now finds it necessary to run 3 laps around our half acre fenced-in yard before he decides on the proper place. He does this, I am sure, to laugh at me trotting around behind him with the test strip in one hand and the container (to compare the result with and determine the reading) in the other...

Yeah, Gunther... hysterical.

BTW - the dog in the picture is not Gunther. Gunther is slick enough not to laugh at me right in front of me, but I KNOW he is yucking it up as soon as my back is turned.


Saphira said...

hehehe sorry, I really am trying not to laugh! It's just that I was picturing myself doing that! and you are right, they do laugh at us when we are not around!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh yeah. He's laughing ;)

Sandi said...

Wow - a dog laughing is a bit too Stephen King for me.