25 August 2008

I hope I am over-reacting.

Gunther had a bad night last night. Hypoglycemic episode. Lots of panting - anxiety no doubt, couldn't get up on his own... Then we thought we had it pretty well regulated with peanut butter and karo syrup and saltines, but it increased again through the night and I found myself coaxing him down the steps at 3:30 this morning to help him get outside (thought maybe he had to pee) and give him more saltines and pb and syrup... This morning I talked to the vet who said that what we will do is monitor his levels throughout the day today and not administer any insulin until tomorrow morning - and then to give him less. And only in the morning.

My concern now is that he seems lethargic and he is not walking right. He CAN get up on his own but his legs are so stiff. He doesn't seem himself. I wonder if there isn't something else going on, along with the diabetes... even though all the other bloodwork was apparently fine... or if he is just not interested in playing this game.

I worry we are running out of time with Gunther. I realized the other day while looking for baby pictures of William that is is difficult to find any that didn't have Gunther in them as well... Thought I'd share one...


Lara said...

That's an adorable picture.

It's so hard to see the health of a long-loved pet failing. It's a tough time for you. *hugs*

Sandi said...

It is so difficult to have a sick pet. They become such an integral part of our families and seeing them hurt is like seeing one of your own children hurt. Sendng you and Gunther good thoughts.

Marvin the Martian said...

Is Gunther better today? It's so heartbreaking to see your dog suffering. My dog (a Weimareiner)periodically could not use her hind legs, and she would drag herself around on the floor, in her waning days. It was so sad.

Baby+Gunther is a good picture.