15 August 2008

Simple Magic

Hopping back in on the Weekend Wordsmith Challenge this week... the prompt is "Laughing Baby". Couldn't resist a couple cue pictures of William giggling - he was such a happy smiley baby... Anyway - here is my poem, Simple Magic... Enjoy!

Simple Magic

Simple, magical laugh
Erases sorrow,
Distracts pain.

A reciprocal joy
In innocent eyes
Responding with glee
to my giddy gaze.

It's all worth it
In the end.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Welcome back to Weekend Wordsmith. Of course I'll "have you"! You have always been STILL THERE, just not currently linking more things to the site.

And I see you haven't given up on Tell Me A Story. After that first and only post to the blog, my whole world fell apart and I was doing well to keep up with the old blogs. No way could I manage that new one, so still it sits waiting. I guess I should say this on the blog, so everyone would know.

Perhaps you can understand, not having written anything for Weekend Wordsmith for awhile? And I still want to write something for this week's prompt myself.

Sandi said...

Those are really great pictures. Nothing like a laughing baby.

iFred said...

How fortunate you are, Daisy.

This makes me think of something that happened last weekend. We were going over some old saved documents and our two kids' baby books. Among those documents, I found the hospital invoice for our daughter's birth and I had to laugh remembering those days in 1959.

I was a young staff artist on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspapers. I had hospitalization insurance, but no maternity benefit because I hadn't been there for the 2 full years of employment required for that benefit.

Knowing I would have to pay the hospital bill myself, I began to save money and hoping I would have enough when the time came.

When she was born on August 29, 1959, I had around $300. in earmarked savings. I was sweating bullets and hoping that would be enough.

I was floored when I received the hospital invoice for the 3 day hospital stay and birth of our daughter.

$81.00 and change!

I scanned the invoice and sent a copy to our daughter in Florida so she could see what it cost for her birth.

Such funny memories.

Evelyn said...

What a simple, joyous, poem!
Your last line (It's all worth it in the end) inspired my own entry in my blog about my grown son, for whom I'm so grateful. Thank you!