03 August 2008

Goodwill Goodness - redux...

Okay - over the past three days I have visited two Goodwill Stores and spent under $50. I got the following:

Talbots LS sweater
Old Navy Jacket
Liz Claiborne capris
BN Sarong with cute little lady bugs on it
Quicksilver shirt for Wlliam
Cute T-shirt for William with VW Beetles on it that says "Don't Bug Me"
A button down SS MacDonalds Racing team shirt (Bill Elliot) for William
Pair of "Police Sunglasses" for William's Halloween costume
2 BN Dry erase markers
24 BN pencils
4 BN Spiral nootbooks
11 BN pocket folders
BN Metal ruler (green)

I think that is all - it was a good week - and let me just say this - if you need or want Halloween stuff - get thee to your local Goodwill IMMEDIATELY!!! You will not regret it!

Happy Shopping!


Lara said...

Oh I LOVE goodwill. I take the pumpkin there shopping... she loves it because she gets a huge selection of stuff and I almost NEVER tell her no to anything she likes. I love that she's just as proud of a great goodwill purchase as I am. So many girls her age (12) are too "status-focused" to ever wear something from goodwill!

iFred said...

I've never been to Goodwill, but I do love a shop in Florida where my daughter lives. It's called "Penny's Worth" and it certainly is more than your penny's worth.

I also like the Dollar Stores down there - so much more good stuff and much better prices than around here.

I'm sorry the "el-cheapo" Friday night auction went out of business. It's no wonder - they were practically giving stuff away!

DaisyBug said...

I am a huge fan of recycling things - you have to have a lot of patience and willingness to sift through everything - but some stuff is seriously amazing! To that end my mother and I are also huge fans of - it is how eBay USED to be...

Marvin the Martian said...

We are Goodwill devotees also! You can always find something good at the Goodwill. I got my bike from the Salvation Army. It has a terrifically comfy seat on it. It was worth the price of the bike. I tell people that I bought a seat and the bike came with it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I look at the GoodWill and salvation Army (Sally's Boutique) as "recycling" and that is what it is, pure and simple....
and don't forget
Daisybug will have to tell you about the beautiful $150 Harve Bernard blazer I won for her on for $7.89-plus shipping.

DaisyBug said...

Shhh - some things are secret, Mother! LOL - JK... It is a beautiful blazer - NWT and everything. Very heavy and will likely serve as my winter jacket most of the year since I am usually too warm to wear anything like that inside! :D