11 August 2008

So. Wow. THAT was a busy weekend...

Let's review a little bit... Here are some things I learned.

  • Never ever EVER go anywhere NEAR the Schuylkill Expressway on a Saturday Morning on a nice day. We suspect the Philadelphia Zoo to have been the culprit - but it took us forever to get to my mother's on Saturday morning and we blame both the zoo and the TomTom (since it was her idea to go that way...) If by any chance you want to go to the Philadelphia Zoo - don't go on a Saturday. Seriously. Horrible.

  • The listing price for my childhood memories is $59,900 in case anyone is interested. My grandmother's house is for sale. They had an open house and I went inside. Let me tell you - you know how in movies they show someone walking through a place and memories flash in front of them... that really happens. At least it did to me. I walked in and saw that horrible orange and brown floral wallpaper with my grandfather hanging up his coat and singing - it was very emotional and actually a little strange to realize how SMALL things are in that house. I have been in that house as an adult - so it isn't the "things always seem larger as a child" thing. Something else. My aunt and Ron both said they think it is because our house is fairly large and wide open. I guess that makes the most sense.

  • Even if someone makes an incredibly tasty bean salad with garbanzo beans and even though it is very good for you, you must limit your intake. Seriously. Do not have six servings. You will have horrific gas pains. And that is all I'm gonna say about THAT.

  • Hail storms are freaking scary to drive through. If Ron hadn't been there and I was driving home I would have turned around and stayed there until this morning. We were in the Suburban and I seriously thought that a hail stone was coming right through the windshield at any moment. Awful. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. Hated it.

  • Sooner or later it pays off to RSVP promptly. I won a prize at the shower I went to because I was the first to RSVP. I have a policy. Decide right away if you are going or not, respond immediately and mark details on your calendar and throw out the invite. Done. No room to forget. Finally - my madness pays off!

Coming up this week is a trip to the vet because my baby puppy (not - but I call him that all the time even though he is 11 years old) has had two accidents in the house this week - NEVER has accidents - and seems to be drinking a lot. I am hoping for a UTI and not diabetes. :(

I also have to get William to do all this work that teachers feel compelled to assign to children over the summer. Which leads to my rant (for another day of course) about why not just have school all year long??? If they "need" a break why not let them actually have it? If you are worried they will not retain info what makes you think three or four assignments is going to do them any good? Hate this mandatory will be collected and count as your first grade crapola they send home at the end of the year. Ick.

So - there it is... Will keep you posted.


Lara said...

We've never had "summer homework". What a stupid concept!

I hope your puppy is ok... *hugs*

Sandi said...

Hi. Found you over at Drowsy Monkey. What an interesting experience it must have been to go through your grandmother's old house. I had a similar experience, although on a much smaller scale, when we were at a B&B a few weeks ago. The bathroom was so much like my grandmothers - a home I hadn't been in for over 35years - that everytime I was in there it felt like going back in time and a myriad of snippets of my past came forward. Very surreal experience.

iFred said...

This is the reason I'm saddened by my daughter selling her Gothic Victorian, 130 year old house in Florida.

One half of her house, split down the middle, is the exact floor plan of the house I lived in during the 1940's while my dad was off to war. It is so nostalgic for me to be visiting in that house. I told her that she has to make a stipulation to the buyer of the house: "'Pa' has the right to visit at least twice a year."

Frog said...

Whenever I go back home, I try to at least drive past my old homes (yes I moved around a lot!) - the last time I did it, they still had the same curtains up!!!

Marvin the Martian said...

As soon as I was allowed, I took summer school. I got more credits, got college classes knocked off the agenda, and didn't have to get a job for the summer. Woohoo! Everybody wins. Well, mostly just me.

My childhood home is abandoned and falling apart. My grandmother's house (on my father's side) is now a Chinese tenement with six families living in it illegally. I don't know about my other grandmother's house. Did you see "Grosse Pointe Blank"? You can't go home again, but you can shop there.