28 April 2008

Aftermath... the beetle

Well - it isn't actually looking great for the beetle at this time. As you can see, the damage is pretty extensive. The worst part is the suspension damage - see the tires? how they are bent in?) All I can say is this beautiful little car did it's job. It kept us safe. My heart breaks a little every time I see these pictures. ---please refrain from stating the obvious - that I should just be happy that we are all okay. Yes. Of COURSE - I am not a complete and total ass. More than anything I am thrilled beyond words that William and I are safe - it is just that looking at these pictures reminds me of why. And the sad realization that I may never scoot around town in my perfect little red VW Beetle just crushes me. Sorry - but it does. Anyway - I promised to share...


Evelyn said...

Accidents are SO scary. And, I agree with you that there is emotional room to both be grateful for safety AND ticked off that the nice, paid-off, comfortable, cute car may not be salvaged.

I have always loved beetles. I hope that my next car will be a beetle! :~)

Here's hoping that you can find another car that will suit you just as well!

Frog said...

S*** !!!! :(