10 April 2008

Dog Nazi

I live with the Dog Nazi. No mustache - just gray hair and this unstoppable desire to tell her animals where to go and what to do at all times.

"Sit Here" "Go in there" "Eat this" "Go upstairs now" "Don't Go upstairs" "Where are you walking?" "Don't go over there"

I know - I know. They are animals - they can take direction. But there comes a point where it is just ridiculous. ALL.DAMN.DAY. She is constantly cajoling these dogs, scolding them, having long, in-depth conversations with them.

It makes me crazy.

Incidentally - it does not escape me that you will think I am nit-picking... but you have to be here to understand the full magnitude of this. These dogs can no longer make an independent choice. EVER. They get up. They look at her as if to say "what am I allowed to do?"

It is like a live video sim game. Only more annoying. You can't turn it off. It is just there all.the.time.



GMOM said...

Too funny! I've witnessed it, so it makes it even funnier. What's even more hilarious is when she thinks the dogs know the days of the week.

DaisyBug said...

"Sam - sit here. Eat this. Stand up. Go outside."

Maybe I have it wrong - maybe these are voice-activated pets.