03 April 2008!

I love this thing. I know - I know - it's a stupid game - has no merit - will turn my brain to mush... yeah - I got that... but it is so damn fun! Graphics - mediocre at best. Cheesetastic music - corny figures called mii's - I love all of itl It is so very me!

Played for a few hours tonight... I am pretty good at bowling - unlike real life - and I TKO Ron on the boxing so that was sort of fun (I NEVER beat him. Never. Not at anything).

It has this thing on there called Wii Fitness Age - put me at 55. NOW I am pissed. Put ROn at 38 - uhm Excuse me!!? I think not. I shall have to get to work on that straight away!


Frog said...

It's an excellent way to keep your kids (you included!) fit while playing video games :D Just don't tell them :O

DaisyBug said...

William just LOVES it too - he is the resident Wii Bowling Champ - pretty much bowls a strike or a spare EveRY TIME! It is wicked fun!

once upon a lifetime said...

Okay, so I never tried the wii- I threw my back out & had the pleasure of sitting and getting an absolute kick out of watching everyone in my family play it. I don't think I have laughed so hard! You gotta try the dancing with the stars one- that's the most comical one!