17 April 2008

What Tom Hanks and I have in Common

Ostensibly, nothing. Of course. He is very wealthy and has more credibility than pretty much everyone - he knows Meg Ryan and has two Oscars to his credit... I have nothing like that - BUT!!! Both of us talk to inanimate objects as if they are real... His was a volleyball named Wilson. Mine is a GPS named Simon.

Shhhhhh.... I know. That wasn't REALLY Tom Hanks, it was Chuck Noland - a fictional character. Uhm - duh. But since this is my blog I get to draw whatever comparisons I so desire.

I realized this today - that I am a little crazy to be talking to my TomTom (I call it Simon because that is the name of the British Voice I have chosen). I argue with him about which way is faster. I tell him repeatedly that if he would just pay attention he would know by now that on the way home it is a BAD thing to go past the High School at dismissal - that it is actually a longer way at that time of day.

He doesn't answer. Just a glutton for punishment I suppose. Just to get him back, I drive straight through the roundabout (or circle as we call it normally). Not really - but he apparently sees it that way. Bet I give him a fright every time.


once upon a lifetime said...

ahhh... the perfect man! :) Simon that is- the one who silently listens and never talks back. :) heehee!

One man gathers what another man spills... said...

This is too funny. Simon the GPS.. Just stumbled upon your blog...loving it!